There is only ONE Academy in the nation with over 11,000 graduates, 100% testimony satisfaction rate and a 95% employment history! We have been featured on most shows on network and cable TV and every talk show. We are expert profilers and criminal science behavioral analysts for all network and cable news.

“This will attest to the fact that I have worked with Mr. Scott Bernstein on dozens of cases for almost 20-years. We have worked cases involving criminal fugitives as well as stolen children. I have found Mr. Bernstein to be very effective, professional and ethical. We have dealt with very traumatize parents, local police and federal agents. He has never disappointed me with his professionalism…not once in those almost-twenty years.”

Bob Burton, COBRA – Coalition of Bail Recovery Agents

“Excellent training. I will be sending my team members through not only the basic but the advanced courses for your knowledge and experience. This is a Bad Ass Course!!!”

Joe Baca, Former Sierra County New Mexico Sheriff

“Just thought I would let you know that TRAP captured our first fugitive with in 24 hours of being approved in the appropriate county. It went off without a hitch . . . . WE ARE PUMPED and we have more work than we know what to do with. Thanks for you contribution to that! We are rocking and rolling. Looking forward to seeing you in July” “As a Marine I was skeptical of Civilian training. This course de-bunked my skepticism. Come MOTIVATED!!!”

Cheryl Ritchie, Atlanta Ga

“The courses were wonderful and the Tactical Training was excellent. I had gotten a few injuries during training but I liked that is was not a “Lightweight” type training. Everything was done to life and exactly like it would be in the real world!”

Tiki, Washington, DC

“I think is was the best course I have ever been thru. The knowledge of Scott’s background is just mind blowing. The way he teaches you is a way that no other instructor I have ever had in the past! I took the ACT 235 class for PA and his course blew my mind in every way with the aspect of survival and how to carry out your duties. I would hope to work with him someday in the field.”

Joe Davidson, King of Prussia, Pa

“Crazy ASS. He is the SHIT – meaning he knows it. It was fucking crazy. Loved it! I said I FUCKING LOVED IT. HE IS A FUCKING CRAZY ASS MOTHER FUCKER. This class was the fucking shit! I got to beat up the other class mates while Scott put his punk ass boots on my back. Just to show how fucking real this shit can get. THANKS SCOTT. P.S. I feel great!”

Lamont Hudson, PA


We train SWAT and SERT teams in this nation and police and military in other countries. Your registration includes our immense membership which has amazing benefits and huge discounts of over 2,000 of the BEST law enforcement products, Bounty Hunter apparel and gear, non-lethal weapons, badges made of real gold and silver and 4 star accommodations at Motel Six rates!