Our founder and Master Instructor simply put is the Industry Authority who brings to the table 4 decades of experience with over 6,000 documented arrests, over 1500 evidenced TV appearances, was the sole contracted Bounty Hunter for America’s Most Wanted, featured in 18 International documentaries, hundreds or radio shows, millions of magazines and newspapers. He also holds the singular distinction of being awarded ‘Agent of the Year’ for ever year running by all the major Professional Associations. All of our staff are the top veterans in the field. Combined, we have over 100 years of experience and over 11,000 apprehensions. We own all the awards in history from all the major associations in this industry. We have featured in every TV show in the nation. We are an analyst, profiler and criminal science behaviorist for all (national) network and cable news. We have been featured in over 25 international documentaries.