At times, it can be dangerous without proper training. There are fugitives that resist and armed at times. The danger element depends upon choices. If you choose a cheaper price tag, have a lack of research or understanding for online training, than you are placing your life in the hands of imminent danger. That is if a professional bondsman was blind to even give you a contract to begin with the knowledge of your poor resources and training.
You need to know that this industry is only dangerous due to dangerous people looking to cash in on your ignorance. Through the Academy, you will learn that your greatest weapons is your mind and your hands. Not taught anywhere else and with proper disarmament training, you can defeat even a fugitive armed with a gun or knife. You cannot afford to make any mistake while on the job as it will jeopardize your security as well as the mission. In the field you need to be alert and agile to capture the fugitive. With proper training you can capture a fugitive with the element of surprise 95% of the time and also by implementing non-lethal force. Non-lethal weapons are proven effective tools and get the job done and keep you, your team members and the public from harm and liability.