Do I qualify for your program?

As long as you are over the age of 18 in most states, you qualify for our program regardless of the maturity of your age, sex, creed, color, ethnicity, height, weight, strength, conditioning, employment history, etc.

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Where is your courses located?

We are the only national program and offer courses around the nation. Please check our schedule for any course location of your choice to register. Regardless of that choice, your training is valuable and has no bearing where you take it. We also offer advanced training known [...]

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Is this course certified and accredited?

We are accredited by the Department of Education. After you complete your course at BHTA, you will get a course completion certificate. This certificate is highly valued by professionals in the industry and will help you secure contracts.

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Am I licensed after I leave your course?

Only the government can grant you any license. What we do, is give you the very best training in this industry guaranteed. We will give you the finest tactical training and core curriculum training to make you a warrior of bail enforcement. We will educate you on [...]

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What kind of experience do you have?

Our founder and Master Instructor simply put is the Industry Authority who brings to the table 4 decades of experience with over 6,000 documented arrests, over 1500 evidenced TV appearances, was the sole contracted Bounty Hunter for America’s Most Wanted, featured in 18 International documentaries, hundreds or [...]

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Why should I choose you?

At times, it can be dangerous witBeing a bounty hunter is one of the most exciting and lucrative careers. But without proper training you will be unfit for the job. It is a well-known fact regarding internet based programs offering learn-from-home or DVD scam bounty hunter courses [...]

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How dangerous is the industry?

At times, it can be dangerous without proper training. There are fugitives that resist and armed at times. The danger element depends upon choices. If you choose a cheaper price tag, have a lack of research or understanding for online training, than you are placing your life [...]

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How much money can I make?

Payment for bounty hunters are as varied as the profession itself, with some bounty hunters making well into the six and even seven figure range. This is a recession proof industry with unlimited growth potential. Since bonds vary in amounts and can be as high as NINE [...]

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