Understanding The Underground Sex Trafficking Industry In The Philippines

Human trafficking has been a problem in the Philippines for a long time—just like in many parts of the world—and pornography is only fueling this existing issue. Before we dive in, a bit of background on how trafficking became such a problem in this part of the world. [...]

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Trump's golf trips to Mar-a-Lago cost country $13.8 million for local security

President Donald Trump’s 27 trips to play golf at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida have cost Palm Beach County $13.8 million for local security as of spring 2019, according to county documents. U.S. taxpayers have already reimbursed the county $10 million for expenditures through September 2018, according to The Palm [...]

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Child Abductions; Private Sector v. Public Sector Results

Child Recovery International (www.thelost.net) a global security and Investigations firm provides dedicated assistance to the missing and closure of the international child abduction reunification service. CRI is considered the most successful global agency with unique branded skills and techniques. In response to the global wide-spread growth of runaways, [...]

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