We will teach you to be productive in disseminating the bail bond file and how to be a profiler to be extremely successful as we give a fresh and new insight that no other Hunter can adopt other than our Founder – the Godfather himself. This industry is a science and you begin the tracking by entering into the portal of each defendant.

Our civilians are sharp, focused and inspired to take on any challenge once engaged in our training modules. As a Fugitive Apprehension Expert, you must strive for excellence in everything you do. Your greatest weapons are your hands and your mind. Only at The Academy, will you learn that the keys to success is the understanding that Fugitive Recovery or Apprehension is a science. Profiling and Criminal Science is instrumental to operational success and excellence.



You will be immersed in the culture of the criminal mindset. You will come to understand and integrate yourself and blend into the canvass of any environment. Our cadre of private law enforcement experts will guide you with their extensive experience, knowledge and achievements. It is imperative that you need to locate your Target before your squad deploys.


You will become the Hunter and the Hunted. We will teach you to work efficiently and effectively to work in Fugitive Recovery Task Force teams of 3-4 Agents to be safe and effective.


We offer individuals and groups action-packed modules that are bred for mission-specific success. We have a solid reputation for assisting those save resources without sacrificing quality.



A look at ‘Level One Training’ at the ‘Bounty Hunter Training Academy’ captured by Journalists. Take a look thru the eyes off some of the students who attended the training. Some are law enforcement professionals and military veterans looking for a transitional careers and civilians looking for an exciting change that is extremely rewarding, challenging that is packed with adrenaline and mounds of cash payments. This is the only elite hands-on tactical training academy in the nation with employment opportunities immediately following the course.


With Level Two Training, you will enjoy the benefits of the elite training that we deliver. Level II Training is comprised of Krav Maga Israeli Defense Systems. Learn how your greatest weapons are your hands and your mind. Learn one second take-downs on any attacker or someone is resisting you. Learn how disarm any attacker who has a gun or knife. Learn how to remain safe in any hostile situation. You can learn this in just one course. We are the ONLY and original Bounty Hunter Training Academy where you can reap the benefits and earn respect and envy from others in this industry.


On the very first day of your training, we will throw you into our proprietary real hands-on immersed tactics, which is Bounty Hunting throughout the entire day utilizing the skills of Krav Maga (Israeli Defense Force Martial Arts). We will teach you to work efficiently and effectively to work in Fugitive Recovery Task Force teams of 3-4 Agents to be safe and effective. This is NOT a novice course, and you will immediately find the confidence with your new skills to take on any challenges immediately with one-second submissions, one-second handcuffing (with resistance) regardless of size, stature or power. Our guarantee!

  • Principals of Unarmed Combat
  • Combat Mindset
  • Fighting Stances, Balances & Movement
  • Effective Striking & Striking Areas
  • Blocks & Counter Punching
  • Grip Breaking & Join Locks
  • Throwing & Grappling Techniques
  • Chokes & Strangles
  • Combinations & Counter Techniques
  • Gun/Knife Attack & Counter Techniques
  • Street Survival
  • Weapon retention
  • Advanced Handcuffing & Restraints
  • Room combat/Tactics
  • Improvised weapons
  • Frisk/Pat downs
  • Weapon(s) disarmaments – knife/gun
  • Door/Window Breaching
  • Room Clearance
  • Operational Planning
  • Multiple Assailants
  • Distraction, Use of Confusion
  • Crowd Clearance
  • Danger Areas
  • Emergency Situations
  • Crowd Control
  • Prisoner Handling/Control
  • Tactical Withdrawal
  • Low Light Penetration & Clearance
  • Non-Lethal Weaponry
  • Extractions
  • Detention
  • Transport – Air/Land-Sea
  • Booking Procedures – Local/State/Federa


It would be best if you were a Level I Graduate to be considered for our Level II/III Training Modules which is a week-long program designed for those who are highly motivated and driven for superiority in everything they do

Bounty Hunters face far more significant and more demanding challenges than in the past and all professionals know that ‘old school’ and antiquated tactics will not survive the day. You do not need to be physically superior, and you need to be mentally agile and possess unparalleled skills from the best-in-class trainers with established track records.

Our cadre is composed of Veterans who have led numerous operational units and task forces throughout the United States and conducted hundreds of successful ‘cross border’ operations.

We offer individuals and groups action-packed modules that are bred for mission-specific success. We have a solid reputation for assisting those save resources without sacrificing quality. The Academy has consistently been recognized by our industry and the media as the Godfather of bail enforcement training.

Our training modules elevate performance, confidence, tactical skills, and breed evident success. We also offer customized programs to meet any agency or department tactical requirements and budget with on-site training. BHTA is available to provide consulting on Bounty Hunter tactical equipment selection and even Fugitive Recovery mission guidance.

We have many gun ranges at our facilities on the east and west coast in Fresno, California, and Wayne, New Jersey. Our Instructors are the top NRA certified Instructors in the nation. You will also receive certifications in baton, OC and other non-lethal weaponry and get advanced CQB, hot-house training and Krav Maga striking and submission skills.

  • CCW/ Level I Pistol
  • Level II Pistol
  • Low Light Pistol
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Advanced ASP
  • Advanced Baton
  • Pepper Spray/OC
  • Stun Gun/Taser
  • Long Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Low Light Penetration
  • Improvised Weaponry
  • OC/Pepper Spray
  • Weapon Disarmaments
  • Expert Street Survival
  • Multiple Assailants

Schedule Of Classes

Bounty Hunter Academy Training Manual

We believe that our participants should be actively involved in their training. After all, the more that you do, the more you understand, the more knowledge you possess with the best tactical prowess available, the best prepared you will be to face any challenges head-on. We pride ourselves on designing a program that is engaging, challenging, powerful and fun. We constantly seek feedback from our attendees by elevating the highest standards of excellence and world-class performance.

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