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In Fugitive Recovery, then get it right and take the next step!

The Fugitive Recovery Industry

Only has one academy We offer elite tactical training that far exceeds industry norms and any security, law enforcement training standards. We train police (SWAT) and military here in the United States and currently in 10 other countries.

We are the BEST

And when you enroll in any of our accredited Courses, you get the start you need to a highly rewarding career.

WE ensure you learn the REAL business

from real bounty hunters with proven records and actual street experience. Our staff has walked the corridors and back alleys of our nation to apprehend fugitives from justice with a blend of poetic street justice, expanse of knowledge, skills, techniques, chicanery, street smarts, savvy and intellect.

To authenticate our claims and not ramble like the fakes or quacks parading the internet, you should come to check out all our bestowed awards received in our industry’s history from all the major associations in this field. We have featured in every TV show in the nation. We are an analyst, profiler and criminal science behaviorist for all (national) network and cable news. We have been featured in over 25 international documentaries – and we are not boasting about it; we are just taking pride to celebrate all of this – just for you to know you are dealing with the BEST! We have set the bar for Fugitive Recovery and Training Excellence.

Night Ranger military operation command

Learn from us and Mr. Scott Bernstein, the industry authority, founder of our Academy and also known as the Godfather of Fugitive Recovery with 30 years wealth of experience at it!

At this Academy, we pursue the highest level of quality education, providing instruction not only to a classroom but one on one with our students as well.

Our Hunters become highly skilled craftsmen on locating, recovering the most dangerous fugitives from justice, manage risks and avoid liability issues.

We will teach you to be productive in disseminating the bail bond file and how to be a profiler to be hugely successful as we give a fresh and new insight that no other Hunter can adopt other than our Founder – the Godfather himself. This industry is a science and you begin the tracking by entering into the portal of each defendant.

Our civilians are sharp, focused, and inspired to take on any challenge once engaged in our training modules. As a Fugitive Apprehension Expert, you must strive for excellence in everything you do. Your greatest weapons are your hands and your mind. Only at The Academy, will you learn that the keys to success are the understanding that Fugitive Recovery or Apprehension is a science. Profiling and Criminal Science is instrumental to operational success and excellence.

Combined, our Academy’s cadre has over 11,000 apprehensions and more than 100 decades of experience Mafia arrest.

Bounty Hunter Training Academy

Bounty Hunter Training Academy

Bounty Hunter Training Academy

Bounty Hunter Training Academy
Note of CAUTION: If you are looking for online training, this industry will never hire you. Look for these red flags and see if it adds up:
  • Do they list a phone number, so you get to talk to someone?
  • Do they have any media recognition anywhere on their site?
  • Do they mention their founder?
  • Are there any testimonials?
  • Does the Department of Education accredit them?

If any of the above is missing or valid, then RUN, run, run its a scam and a waste of your valuable time and future and even if you get a close one to it, they still won’t offer you the best; there are no bounty hunters but just bounty talkers!