IRAN shoots down commercial plane

\\Iran shoots down Iran Iran shoots down commercial airliner
Scott Bernstein

Scott Bernstein

Owner/founder at Bounty Hunter Training Academy and Child Recovery International. Crisis Resolution. Speaker. Author
The US government now believes the Ukrainian International Airlines flight that crashed in Iran this week was brought down by two Iranian surface-to-air missiles. Officials also believe, with increasing certainty, that the attack was accidental. This is all based on analysis of data from satellites, radar and electronic sources routinely collected by US military and intelligence. A US official familiar with this intel says the US saw Iranian radar signals lock onto the jetliner before it came down. There was also appears to show a missile being fired into the Tehran sky, striking an object. And Canada and the UK say they have intelligence that shows an Iranian missile was responsible. Iran, however, denies the whole thing. A spokesman for the Iranian government called the reports a “big lie” and said the plane’s black box will reveal the true cause of the crash. Initially, Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization said it would not share the black box data recovered from the crash with the US or Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer. But now Ukraine and Boeing are invited to take part in the investigation.
About the author: Scott Bernstein is the CEO of Child Recovery International ( and Bounty Hunter Training Academy ( and headquartered in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. He has extensive experience as a Counter Terrorist Consultant, International Apprehension Operative, Human & Sex Trafficking Expert and a Military and Law Enforcement Trainer. He is available as a Consultant and as a Speaker. In addition to his LinkedIn profile, you can also interact with Scott on his LinkedIn group
Scott Bernstein is the founder and director of both organizations: Child Recovery International ( and Bounty Hunter Training Academy ( They implement unconventional techniques such as criminal profiling, victimology, behavioral Psychology, Neuropsychology, pre-text art and expert skip tracing. To reach CRI or BHTA, reach them at 984-235-4816 or in writing at

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