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bounty hunter training academy

To be the BEST – Learn from the BEST!

A Bounty Hunter is the same as a Bail Enforcement Agent. This classification was a result of regulations passed in 1998 for this industry. This is a very important fact related to our industry and you will be educated on it because of the importance. When these regulations were passed and licensing became more of an issue, softer terms like Bail Enforcement or Fugitive Recovery Agents cropped up and became more mainstream in nature. Bounty Hunters have always been our name and we are damn proud of it.

Most bounty hunters are employed by bail bondsmen. Bounty hunters are paid a commission, usually a minimum 10% of the bail the fugitive originally paid, once recovery of the target has been completed. Bounty hunting can be a very lucrative and rewarding profession but only if you have the proper training and education.

Since there are many legal issues involved with our profession, is extremely vital that you are properly educated with regards to what you can and cannot do. In some states you are required to have a license while in others you are not. We will educate you on all the local/state laws regarding what authority you have and which states require licensing, what you can do as a licensed entity and what you can do as a subcontractor. This is just one of the many reasons you need to receive the proper training from top-notch professionals working in the industry. The foundation of your future is to get the best training and that training starts here.

bounty hunter training academy

Our Core Principles

Our Bounty Hunter Training Academy is the best in the nation because we have the best training cadre/theater in the world. Our graduates say it the best. Compare our real testimonials against any competitors or imitators. We list our graduates’ full name and some of them even give out their e-mail addresses. Many of our attendees are not first-timers. Many are seasoned professionals themselves looking to acquire our proprietary skills, tools and techniques that set us apart from the pack. We get very seasoned military and law-enforcement veterans as well as seasoned bounty hunters and bail bondsmen who know where to turn for their training. They say our courses far exceeded their expectations and the best training they have ever experienced in their lifetimes.

If you are ready for an exciting and rewarding career move or simply want to hone your skills in a related profession, we encourage you to view our list of upcoming training classes and get registered today.

bounty hunter training academy

What’s the Payoff?

This is a CASH industry. You get paid COD (Cash on Delivery). No checks. The industry norm typically is a CASH payment on a bond amount of 10% or higher. For example, if you arrest a defendant on a $500,000 bond, your take home pay for that day is $50,000 CASH if you worked alone. If you worked with a partner, your pay would be $25,000 CASH! So, ask yourself, how did that compare to your annual pay last year? Keep in mind also, that you will be arresting much more than one defendant in a year.

If you follow our training, we guarantee when properly employed, you will make much more than one arrest in a year. Watch our live arrests on video (TV) and see us making up to 3 or more arrests A DAY!

Add that to the excitement, adventure, adrenaline rush this industry offers and ask yourself is this something you want to do? Work when you want, take off when you want and have greater ARREST powers than the police. Then know to achieve this to be the best and gain greatness. Understand that to get there, that you have to be trained by the best and not settle for anything else.

bounty hunter academy

At the Academy, we will provide you with our proprietary investigative skills, tools and techniques to locate your Target with the fastest (TAT) turn-around time in the industry and make the arrest. This will set you apart from any Bounty Hunter in the country. This is a promise. We will instruct you how to stay safe and keep you free from LIABILITY. This is integral and the key to success. Our expert instructors will empower you with Krav Maga (Israeli Defense Force) skills, street survival commando experience, one-second handcuffing, submissions, hand-to-hand combat, close quarters battle (CQB), street survival and much more. Click here to read more.

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You must demand the very best training in this industry and never sacrifice the quality of your training as it will surface when you seek employment opportunities from the bail industry and you when are out in the field.
If you are seeking out a cheaper price tag for your training, you will get what you paid for. What you see on the Internet with online training (DVD) is simply a scam. You must understand that you future

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depends upon the foundation of your training. Bail Bondmen and the government who seek out Bounty Hunters are looking for the following qualities to hire and represent them:

  • A Hunter with the highest degree of training
  • A producer with the quickest TAT
  • A craftsman with proprietary investigative skills
  • Hunters with advanced skip tracing and pre-text knowledge
  • Instincts
  • Profiling Abilities
  • Agressiveness and Fortitude

Click here to learn more.

bounty hunter classes

You must understand that your greatest weapons are your hands and your mind, not your gun and your muscle. You must possess the ability to handle any given situation that arsies in the field and be prepared before and during your mission. We will instill this credo to you and teach this to you at the academy. Click here to see the vital information required to be successful and what we offer to you at this academy.
REGISTER! – If you are serious about entering this industry and want to excel, there is only one choice for your training, – BHTA! Just do your research. We have NO COMPETITION!

Click here to view a sample of our training schedule and get registered today!

bounty hunter training academy

Take The Plunge – Strive to be Successful

Is Fear of Success Holding You Back? If you have beliefs about yourself, money or what success means that are in opposition to a successful life, you will find it difficult or impossible to create one. Although many people crave success, they often have limiting beliefs that prevent it. If you don’t consider yourself successful now and dream of experiencing success, then you know that you have to change your thinking and behavior patterns. Obviously, if you keep on doing what you are doing, you are going to continue getting what you’ve got. The thought of making major changes can be frightening. Also, deciding what changes to make can be a daunting task. Many people who dream of success, don’t have a clear picture of what success means for them. Eliminating vagueness will help determine a course of action. Take some time with yourself thinking through what your dreams mean in real terms. For your future, to be able to move ahead and obtain what you want, you need to set aside the excuses, and move ahead with strong drive and determination ready to commit to doing everything your vision of success would require.

People who are really successful, don’t beat themselves up or blame themselves for everything that doesn’t’t work out the way they want. An element of success is satisfaction. The process of becoming successful requires that you learn to be satisfied. This often means giving up wanting and longing, two feelings that don’t go with satisfaction. It’s no wonder that people are afraid of success. To achieve it means a

lot of self-examination along with major lifestyle and behavior changes. Success requires discipline, determination and a strong belief in oneself. It’s a whole lot easier to stay where you are than to move into a new state of being. Our adoptive philosophy and the key to success that all our graduates has fostered is that life offers two roads; failure and success. When you are at the crossroads you first come to decide upon the direction either with solutions or more excuses you have made in the past. You can make excuses to anyone about your future and why you are not moving forward but in the end, the only person you are

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fooling is yourself and you already know the direction you are heading to.

Commit to what you want and throw the excuses in the trash. Besides, they never worked for you before.