American Bounty Hunter Testimonials

95% of our graduates go on to a successful
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“This will attest to the fact that I have worked with Mr. Scott Bernstein on dozens of cases for almost 20-years. We have worked cases involving criminal fugitives as well as stolen children. I have found Mr. Bernstein to be very effective, professional and ethical. We have dealt with very traumatize parents, local police and federal agents. He has never disappointed me with his professionalism…not once in those almost-twenty years.” Bob Burton, COBRA – Coalition of Bail Recovery Agents
“Just thought I would let you know that TRAP captured our first fugitive with in 24 hours of being approved in the appropriate county. It went off without a hitch . . . . WE ARE PUMPED and we have more work than we know what to do with. Thanks for you contribution to that! We are rocking and rolling. Looking forward to seeing you in July” Cheryl Ritchie – Atlanta Ga
"I think is was the best course I have ever been thru. The knowledge of Scott's background is jst mind blowing. The way he teaches you is a way that no other instructor I have ever had in the past! I took the ACT 235 class for PA and his course blew my mind in everyway with the aspect of survival and how to carry out your duties. I would hope to work with him someday in the field."Joe Davidson - King of Prussia, Pa
Scott is an exceptional trainer. I enjoyed my time and money well spent to learn about my career and life situations out in the world. I had a chance to meet other recovery Agents in the the business. Tactical training was A-1 and alot of fun to do but when you get into the field it will be even GREATER and a RUSH. I will bring others to see about Scott and his associates to prove to them that this is it! Get the suspect/get the money! Got to meet alot of cool people! Get the Booty! Thanks alot Scott! Calanja McLester - Georgia
Crazy ASS. He is the SHIT - meaning he knows it. It was fucking crazy. Loved it! I said I FUCKING LOVED IT. HE IS A FUCKING CRAZY ASS MOTHER FUCKER. This class was the fucking shit! I got to beat up the other class mates while Scott put his punk ass boots on my back. Just to show how fucking real this shit can get. THANKS SCOTT. P.S. I feel great! Lamont Hudson - Pa
“I’ve worked in police, corrections, military and private security and I must say that the training that I have received was very superior to post training that I have had. Scott wrote the book on professionalism bar none. One of the best classes I have ever taken! Thanks Scott” William Fletcher – Philadelphia, PA
The best Bounty Hunter Training Academy. Do not trust those online Academy's. They are all fake! If you want a legit class. Join the BHT Academy. It is the best of the best and is taught by the BEST Bounty Hunter in the world - Instructor Scott Bernstein! It is an investment of a lifetime. I recommend it!Bernardo Lozano - Texas
“First of all I would like to take this moment to thank you for giving me the opportunity to take the Bounty Hunter course. I had a great time, enjoyed every moment of the training and learned more about the business. By the way, Mr. Scott was an awesome trainer. He gave us great tips on how to become a successful Bounty Hunter. Thank you again for my dream is finally being fulfilled.” Luis Carrasco – NJ
“I would consider Scott to be one of the leading experts in his industry. He is a driven professional who brings honor and integrity to everything he sets out to accomplish. Scott brings a wealth of international experience to a challenging profession. I consider him a trusted friend and advisor in his profession.” Judd Newman – South Africa
“Scott, our instructor was awesome. He definitely knows his shit. Nice guy, very knowledgeable. Helped me out a lot and I am looking forward to taking another course to become close to how good Scott is. That’s my goal. Thanks for your time and teachings and I know if I have any other questions they will be answered. Thanks! This course kicked ass!” Shawn P. Fitzpatrick – NY
“I already had a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice which was very educational but included no experience. BHTA was a great mixture of education and experience. I felt that what we learned was extremely practical but simple and very effective!” “The training was fantastic. It was amazing to see other Bounty Hunters with so many years of experience that making mistakes could be easily corrected if they were just to take this two days course”. Carlos Arroyo – MD
"My experience with this course was a life changing experience. I gained more skills in this field of work and it made me open my eyes a lot more to things for as the art of the industry. I plan on taking each level to enhance my career. "No Body - no Booty".Demetrius Bell Jr. - King of Prussia, Pa
“I was very pleased with the BHTA seminar with Scott Bernstein. It was an honor to have such a seasoned veteran of the industry teach us all he knows about Bounty Hunter/Bail Enforcement. I really liked how he pretty much read the whole manual aka the BHTA bible put together by Scott. It is very important to cover all aspects of Bounty Hunting including the history and the laws. And I find it easier to understand when reading it for yourself, while learning it. It was awesome.” William Abruzzo – NY
Truly enjoyed the class being the only female in the class. I didn't feel that I was treated any different from the others. The tactical exercises were not only fun but educational. Would recommend this course to anyone that's interested in learning how to survive in this world.D. Tessier - Texas
Course was extremely informative anda ton of fun! I would love to take more advanced coursesNathaniel Crisp - Texas
Very professional and informative. Great hands on. I truly recommend. Patrick Coleman - Texas
The course provided a solid foundation of the necessary information enabling an individual to intelligently pursue gainful employment in the Fugitive Recovery Industry. Kevin Kyke - USMC - MD
Scott's class was very informational. I learned way more than I thought. I feel confident in my training and look forward to reviewing and advancing to future classes. This class definitely helps people decide if this is the right industry or not to enter into. Thanks Scott for all your help and knowledge.Ryan Warner - New York
Scott really impressed me! Everything we went through was more than I was expecting. Thanks!Vianna Bailey Harden - New York
This course wasn't just a great course but also extremely fun. This class showed me more material and tactical exercises than I imagined. I would highly recommend this course to others and I look forward to the advanced course. Jorge Calle - Texas
This course was great. Extremely entertaining. I didn't really know what to expect when I first got here but quickly found the style perfect for me. The hands on parts of the course were informative and fun. The manual was great. Overall great. Scott was very outspoken about everything. He was training us on our safety out in the field.Lazaro Gomez - Texas
This class was on point. No B.S. It was very informative and gave enough information to just get my foot in the door.Dara Goomansingh - Texas
I have seen and been to other Bounty Hunter courses and as an Instructor in other fields I can personally say this is by far the best of the best. Dr. Richard Gamboa - Texas
Please combine the expert course for me in Cali. I found the class to be even more informative than I could have imagined. I can't wait to find a mentor and to get started ASAP! I aim to be one of Scott's greatest Female Bounty Hunter's success stories! Natalia - Cali
Coming into the class I had a general idea but after the class I gained full knowledge of the job and what it consists of. Also learned some useful tactical moves that will be helpful to restrain. Cali
Informative and to the point. No bullshitting. Just raw information. Exceeded all expectations. Can't wait for level II and III in Southern California.Ronnie Butler - Ca
I really enjoyed and learned alot from Scott. I can't wait to get out there and start. I learned about tactical approaches, how to do proper briefs and how to take a man down and put him in handcuffs fast! Daniel DeJesus - MD
BHTA is one of the most advanced training classes I have actually witnesses. Scott is a very excellent instructor and I can tell you he will teach you everything on becoming a Bounty Hunter. I am looking forward to the next levelAntonio Berry - Pa
Without prior police or military experience, I felt comfortable with the instructors teaching. Excellent training for first timers and I'm sure this has changed my path for a new field of work! Thank you! Karl Weygmdt - Pa
Training with BHTA was a life changing event. Scott was very detailed on training us the right way to get the bad guys. I personally looking forward to train for Level IIIShakite McLester - Georgia
I have served as a correctional officer and police officer but I never have been as excited for a career in Bail recovery as to my former career choices. I know the dangers but still have the passion to go forward with it thanks to the Bounty Hunter training Academy and Scott Bernstein.Randall Hooks - Georgia
I enjoyed myself training in BHTA. I came in really knowing nothing about Bounty Hunting after 2 days of training. I learned and know well more than expected. Thank you Scott Shawn Gilbert - MD
“Excellent class with good practical demonstrations and a competent and experienced instructor. Whenever someone had a question, the instructor did not hesitate to provide an informative answer, which was very helpful. Additionally, resources were given to the class in case they wished to contact the instructor for additional info/training. The entire experience was definitely worth the price and trip.” Peter Lloyd
“I highly recommend the Bounty Hunter course. Scott is very knowledgeable of the industry and has all the answers and experience to back it up. The class will make you want to pursue a career as an agent and will fulfill all your needs. Additional courses also provided in which I will definitely consider taking.” George Santos, Jr.
“I felt that this course is an excellent introduction into the field of Fugitive Recovery. The Instructor’s experience and knowledge of the industry both excites you and allows you to have knowledge of the pitfalls.” “The class was a lot of fun and the hotel was great. It was a good weekend. I can’t wait to get started”. Akbar Jones – NY
“Scott & Mike, Hey guys, I’ll try to keep this short. I just want to thank you guys again for all your help. The training course in NY was great and Josh and I had a great time. Since we live near Philadelphia if there is anything we could do to give you a hand down this way we would love to return the favor. I don’t care if it’s the am or the pm, you name it and you got it. In a week or so I will be heading down south to Birmingham Alabama, Josh will be staying behind. If I can do something for you while I’m down there just name it. In a month or so I will be heading north to Indianapolis and the same offer goes there. Thanks again, I’m glad I got the chance to meet you and be trained by the best in the business. I can’t wait to see you in Philadelphia and I’ll be bringing two new guys with me. Keep up the good work. Going in alive and come out the same way. Peace brothers and hope to see you soon. Keep in touch and take care.” Pat Campion – Philadelphia, PA
“I really enjoyed this course very much so. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get involved call your agency. This course is definitely worth every penny, lumps, cuts and bruises. What way to better learn and prepare myself for the dangers out there. Scott Bernstein showed us that it doesn’t matter how big or small you are. All you have to do is use your head and quick thinking. Anyone can be a Bounty. Just call Scott Bernstein!” Barry Gonzalez – NY
“This course was great, extremely entertaining. I didn’t really know what to expect when I first got here, but quickly found the style of instruction perfect for me. The hands on parts of the course were informative and fun. The manual is great, overall great.” “Bounty Hunter Academy is very good. Scott Bernstein is a very good instructor. He is very knowledgeable. Thank you Scott!” Leevan Thompson
I took the class with the purpose of pursuing a new career in Bounty Hunting. With any new venture there is questions and concerns. After the course I realized how much of a purpose for this profession is for me. Scott was a great teacher and kept me motivated. Would recommend this course to others and am looking forward to future classes.” Michael Wilkins – Tampa, FL
“I have found the class and everything I have learned to be very interesting. I always wanted to be a Bounty Hunter and in the near future I hope to take more advanced classes to be able to learn more!” “I loved it!” Eddie L Thomas – GA
“Scott did an excellent job teaching us. He told us exactly what to do, what was expected of us and gave us numerous examples and demonstrations. I especailly liked the fact that he does not beat around the bush and tells you exactly how it is, with no B.S. attached. I am definitely coming back for the advanced classes.” Troy Daniels – Philadelphia, PA
“Scott was the best that I had for training. I would like him to teach me again. I like Scott – we enjoyed him. He’s a great instructor. He knows his job. I learn a lot with him and the class learned with him. I would love to work with him if that day ever comes. He was good with the class and he worked with each other one on one. We certainly learned a lot from him.” Dwayne Booth – Raleigh, NC
“The class was top notch, exciting and very informative. Scott is a true professional. The best part of the class was the fact paced tactical procedures we performed. If I had to sum it up is 3 words I would say: 1. Outstanding 2. Informative 3. Exhilarating Awesome job Scott & Todd.” Eric Bavlnka – NJ
“Yes. This course was right on point. It covered everything you need to know about being a Bounty Hunter. Do not send your hard earned money on an online course. Take the time and come and learn from the best. Bounty Hunter Training Academy . Thank you for a job well done. Mr. Scott Bernstein.” Terrance Huggins – MD
“Mr. Bernstein gets into the tactical ‘hands-on right away which keeps students on their toes immediately which is faithful to the courses emphasis on proper preparation and awareness of one’s surroundings. Essential to military, civilian, law enforcement & corrections. Personnel safety & effectiveness.” Tommy Drogon – NY OIF Veteran
“The only comments I want to leave here is THANK YOU Mr. Scott for your time and for all the information you passed to me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” Amged Ghenbaili – Atlanta, G
“I have learned a lot, opened up a key for me to understand. Instructor very professional and clearly explained information which will narrow down everything. I’m glad that I took this class. It was really educational”. Peter Sari – NY
“Scott Bernstein is a mastermind at Bounty Hunting as we all know!! He’s a great motivator and trainer. Makes you think and is quick to assist you with any questions. Hope he doesn’t mind when I ask him to skip trace for me when I’m taking out the trash.” Casey Hilliker – MD
“The class really teaches you things that you don’t even imagine. How you can do something with very little force” Carmelo Maldonado – NY
“Thanks for taking the time out to teach us about Bounty Hunting. Your knowledge of the industry was a great asset to me.” Alexander Davila – NY
“Scott was very outspoken about everything. He was training us on, for our safety out in the field.” Lazaro Gomez – Houston, TX
“The course was very accurate. I enjoy mostly the tactical part of the course, though I extremely enjoy most how our instructor Scott explain the facts of a Bail Enforcement Agent to the opinions of people outside the industry declare. Thank you so much Scott you’re a great Instructor.” Yexenia Santiago – (Marine Corps) NY
“Thank you for taking the time out to teach me. I’ll see you in the advanced class.” Cody Robinson – NJ
“I got a better insight into the Bounty Hunters life. This is and something I will be very good at. I had a very nice time with my new band of brothers and sisters. Good Hunting and be safe! Get paid and get laid! “Blue Rain.” Justice Tripp
“The B.H.T.A. is very informative. Can’t wait to go to the Level II training course. Scott kicked my butt and boosted my confidence. THANKS! Enjoyed the class and now it’s time to get PAID & LAID!” Eric Long – Atlanta, GA
“From beginning to end the course was very informative, professionally done and a lot of fun. A great experience for novice or seasoned professional.” Melissa Sullivan – TX
“I enjoyed the class. Very informative on subjects I never knew about. Looking forward to further my training and putting skills to the test on the bounty but with caution.” Josh Edsall – New York “Scott B ROCKS!…NUFF SAID” Patrick Conley – Raleigh, NC
“I looked at a lot of different place for Bounty Hunter training and from what I found Scott Bernstein seemed to be the best in the business so that’s why I chose his course and I’m glad I did. Thanks Scott it was a great experience.” P. Campion – NY
“Bounty Hunter Training Academy was the best thing I ever did and I would go back to the Level 2 and 3 training. The Instructor opened my eyes and they knew exactly what they were doing”. Matthew Day – MD
“I was excited to come and take this training and I am glad I did. I am also looking forward to taking the advanced class. Thanks much Scott.” Mayra Dejesus-Rivera – Philadelphia, PA
“I enjoyed the hell out of the class. Scott & Todd were very good instructors. They took the time toi answeer all our questions. If you want to be a Bounty Hunter you better come to the best BHTA course you will learn ALOT!!!!” Derek Fountain – NJ
“Scott Bernstein is the man, happy to have taken your course, learned a lot. Keep up the GREAT WORK!” Ryan Deer – NYC
“Course was extremely informative and a ton of fun. I would love to take more advanced courses.” Nathaniel Crisp – Houston, TX
“This class was fun and very learnable. The teacher is a great person. He is a real cool person. I would tell everybody about this class and about this academy.” Keenan Allen – Tampa, FL
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