Our Founder

Scott Bernstein

CEO, International Bounty Hunter, Child Recovery Expert, Counter-Terrorism Specialist, Criminal Profiler & Analyst, Cold Case Detective, Law Enforcement Trainer

bounty hunter

For the past four decades, Scott Bernstein has served the bail industry around the world. A recognized authority of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honored consistently for his strategic intellect, training methodologies, and recovery endeavors.

Scott Bernstein is the leading expert in his field with uncompromised abilities and proprietary skills and strategies. As CEO and Master Instructor of Bounty Hunter Training Academy, he focuses on his core strategies, tactical awareness and risk assessments to bring a unique perceptions and success to connect with his prospective students. He has been frequently recognized in the media for his achievements and is an expert profiler and analyst for all network and cable news. He is also an international law enforcement and security consultant.

International Bounty Hunter

Mr. Bernstein is noted as a powerhouse. Is Bernstein a powerhouse? No doubt about it. He doesn’t mine the thesaurus for empty superlatives. Instead, he lets quotes and stats testify to his worth.

Whereas his competition is characterized by pontification and puffery. His area of expertise is concise and circumscribed, and his credentials are corroborated.

As a leader in bail enforcement, he has arrested over 6,000 fugitives from justice who is well documented and unmatched. In 2012 alone, Bernstein was featured in over 40 million front-page newspaper articles alone across the world. In itself an unprecedented accomplishment. He is considered one of the most influential strategists of his generation.

Here again, we see that the media and his colleagues do the boasting for him. And instead of reaching for grand declarations, media refers to concrete accomplishments and accolades.

This leads to descriptions that convey accomplishment without arrogance, modesty with milestones.

He has a quick smile, an impressive bag of tricks, and endless patience. He stays calm and composed, even when

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the pressure is on and the uncanny instincts to prevent and end any dilemma or confrontation whilst in the field. In short, Bernstein is the industry’s answer that counts on to prevent–or solve–nearly any problem.

Bernstein is the leader you want around when the pressure is on. A strategist who works best under the gun, he has a keen eye toward the big picture and an unflappable quality that guarantees success. This is the prototype that makes for the best Hunter and trainer in the nation.

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