1. How do I become a Bounty Hunter/Bail Enforcement Agent ?

The key word here is success. Success is always measured and quantified by the foundation of your training. That is where it all begins. You must demand only the very best this industry has to offer and there is only one elite tactical training ACADEMY in the nation founded by the Industry’s standard bearer.

how to become a bounty hunter

Becoming a bounty hunter generally doesn’t require a formal education, however, the requirements do vary from state to state. You will want to check local regulations for state-specific requirements, but in most states you are required to be at least 18 years old, must pass a background check.Unlike what you

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may have heard, you do not need a high school or college degree unless requested. A criminal justice course or degree will not be required. Lastly, you should also form relationships with bail bondsmen since this is how you will receive most of your bounty hunting assignments. If necessary, perform a few jobs for free to prove that you are reliable. If you capture the suspect, the bail bondsman will most likely hire you again.

2. Why should I choose

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Bounty Hunter Training Academy?

Bounty Hunter Training Academy is the ONLY academy in the country which teaches you tactical training as well as core curriculum investigative and intelligence gathering skills that are unparalleled in this industry.

bounty hunter schools

Our founder and Master Instructor bring to the table 4 decades of experience with over 6,000 DOCUMENTED arrests, over 1500 DOCUMENTED TV appearances, was the sole contracted Bounty Hunter for America’s Most Wanted, featured in 18 International documentaries, hundreds or radio shows, magazines and newspapers.

bounty hunter schools

He also holds the singular distinction of being awarded Agent of the Year for ever year running by all the major Professional Associations. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The skills, tools and techniques that you will be learning are proprietary in nature and are unmatched. We are also the ONLY Academy/School that offers a membership where you can buy over 1,000 top quality law enforcement products at 50% off! If you truly want to succeed in this industry, read our red flags about our competition and register today

3. Why should I not register for a cheaper course that is offered on the Internet?

bounty hunter academy

Golden rule – you get what you pay for? Online gimmicks are simply rip-offs. How do you know that the face behind online gimmicks possess any practical background in this industry? If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not the industry for you. The Bail Bondsmen and Surety companies who are looking to hire have their money on the line and will not hire you unless they have complete faith and trust in your abilities.

How is online training going to help you defend you and your team members? How is it going to give you real life demonstrations? Work together effectively in team units when breaching a door, room clearance, arrest procedures, acquiring a Target, surveillance, disarming someone who has a gun pointing at you, etc. You won’t even find that at any of our competitors.

4. Is this course certified and accredited?

At the end of your training, you will be given a certificate of completion for 25 hours of training. This certificate from BHTA does go along way in the professional circles of this industry when searching from employment if you choose not to find it in the course. We are also accredited by the Department of Education from the NY Department of State.

5. What makes Bounty Hunter Training Academy the best in the Nation?

Founded in 1997, we have had thousands of graduates, not dozens like others who offer “training”. Our graduates actually go on to successful lucrative careers with outstanding reputations. Our graduates say it the best.

Compare their real testimonials against any of our imitators. We have the hard copies of each of our graduates in our office taken word for word. We list our graduates’ full names and some give out their e-mails. Our attendees are not just novices.

We get very seasoned military and law enforcement veterans and seasoned Bounty Hunters & Bail Bondsmen who know where to turn to for their training. They say our course far exceeded their expectations and was the best training they have ever experienced.

The media follows us more than anyone in this industry. We have the evidence to show you on our web site and everywhere on social media. NO ONE COMPARES!

6. What is the difference between being a Bounty Hunter and a Bail Enforcement Agent… ?

Absolutely nothing. Since 1998 – there have been regulations passed in this industry. We will educate on this important fact as like everything else about this industry important to know. When the regulations passed and licensing became an issue – softer terms like Bail Enforcement or Fugitive Recovery Agents cropped up and became more mainstream. Bounty Hunters have always been our name and we are damn proud of it.

7. When is the next seminar in my home town?

Just check our training schedule on the site. The only legitimate training that makes it around the country is the BOUNTY HUNTER TRAINING ACADEMY. Attendees make the effort to make it to the closest course they can as they know the future benefits that derive from the origins of our training

Our elite training is in high demand due to the caliber of our training cadre and the success rate of our graduates. Courses vary all over the country. As it stands, you’ll just have to keep an eye out on our course schedules that are posted on a regular basis.


Check Our Course Schedule

8. Isn’t it mostly Hunting Fugitives?

bounty hunter academy

That is the overall thrust of the business, but the key word is “business.” Advertising skills, management of resources, sub-contracting arrests, local and Federal laws, contracts, etc., all play a major part of this business. Some agents need to know where it is a Felony to have anything over two-percent pepper gas in one’s possession. What states allows to legally posses handcuffs, stun guns, tasers and other non-lethal weapons in your possession

Or what to do if when handcuffing a prisoner, they state they need their “medicine” or a small child comes out of a room to take away the only guardian at the scene. What do you do with the child? These problems and dozens of other scenarios are addressed at the Academy.The complexities of this unique form of contractual arrest must be confronted and addressed daily.

9. Don’t police have to help you… ?

In a word: NO! An officer’s duty is to keep the peace. Many departments, however, send out advisories against their officers taking part in what is, in fact, a private arrest. In most cases, however, officers can be counted on to do a pro-active standby.

10. Do recovery agents really enter houses… ?

Yes and No. We may enter the house of the subject fugitive if we can determine beyond a reasonable doubt it is his/her dwelling. We cannot enter homes of third parties

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or friends on “fishing expeditions”, i.e., just looking for the fugitive. The defendant gave us permission to enter his

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house in the bail bond contract. He, in essence, waived his rights in the contract to extradition and dwelling entry. This waiving of rights has been upheld by all high state courts and the U.S. Supreme Court (Taylor Vs Taintor).

11. Does the bail enforcement agent have a vast amount of arrest authority… ?

Yes, but in a very narrow niche, pertaining to one fugitive. That fugitive, in waiving his rights to the bonding agent, is now fair game to a bail arrest and in some cases throughout the United States and beyond.

12. How much money can someone make in this industry?

bounty hunter New York

The typical percentage any Hunter makes on any given case assignment is 10% or more on the bail bond. For example, if you are given a contract from the Bail Bondsmen to hunt down John Doe for a bond of $100,000 and you bring in John Doe, your “Bounty” for John Doe will be $10,000 cash for the day!

Bail Bonds these days can be as high as 7 figures or more. We do not accept checks in this industry. You are not on salary. You do not work by the hour and there are no taxes taken out of your BOUNTY. Some if not most people make in one day or one week what most people do not make in one year

13. How dangerous in this Industry?

This industry is only as dangerous as the people who train you. This is THE most important question. You MUST pick the right mentor! This goes back to question #2. At the Bounty Hunter Training Academy we will teach you ZERO liability and the fastest turnaround time to give unlimited growth potential in this recession proof industry.

We will demonstrate that you do NOT need a gun to work in the field. We will show you that your greatest weapons are your mind and your hands. Non-lethal weapons are proven effective tools and get the job done and keep you, your team members and the public from harm and liability.

Do not fall prey to quacks that do not offer elite training or mock those who do. They are damaged goods. Do your research and look for the evidence and facts that prove who is the best choice for your training. The facts and evidence will point you to BHTA. Your future depends upon it. Register today!

14. Do I qualify for your program?

If you are 18 or over and you do not have any violent felonies on your record, you qualify to take our program. You must of course, have the registration fee in advance.

15. Do you offer financing?


16. Do you have an actual Academy?

bounty hunter New York

Yes we do. We are the only one in the nation that does! Our location is a brand new 5 million dollar state of the art facility called “The Police Science Institute” located in Fresno, California.It hosts several NRA certified

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gun ranges with spinning electronic gun Targets, pop-up Targets and stationary Targets. We have a heavily padded mat room for martial art training, a kill house & CQB as well as a theater style instructional room with several flat screen TV’s. No one can match our staff of highly trained seasoned instructors. See photos of the academy on this site

17. Where do I get my credentials after I finish this course ?

You will get a hologram ID card form us for a minimal fee. These ID cards are the best in the industry and are individually made with your own control number which later becomes your badge number unique from any other Bounty Hunter in the country.At the course, you can order your very own custom made badge from the best Badge Company with a life-time warranty. Design your own that is made from scratch: poured first from iron and finished off with real gold and silver. Your name will be engraved with your title choice and your badge number.

18. I see only 1 other training company offers a membership but offers nothing. How long is my membership with BHTA good for?

  • Discounts on our expert courses
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    at our academy.

  • Up to 60% discounts at any of our 4 star hotels across the nation!
  • 50% off any off our 1,000+ high quality law enforcement products.
  • Unlimited Networking
  • Affordable personal consultations
  • Private business support