Ethos of Excellence 

There is only one training authority that stands out for its standards of excellence and history. All training centers need a vibrant and progressive culture and climate of continuous innovation and at BHTA, we made that possible.

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Employement Opportunities

Only at the Academy will you find actual Employment Opportunities upon completion of the program. Aside from hunting ‘Fugitives for Profit’ which is the industry norm, the Academy goes the extra distance and educates you regarding freelance opportunities in the hunt of ‘deadbeat parents’

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Membership – Cobra | Association
Coalition of Bail Recovery Agents

When you complete the Academy course, you have the option of becoming a COBRA member.

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Pre-Text Wizadry

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The Master of pre-texting is inarguably Scott Bernstein. How would you like to learn the power of being able to walk right up to your fugitive either right on the streets of his “hood” or his “crib”, have control of any type of conversation and when you feel inclined, arrest him or her when they are totally off guard? There is only one place you will learn this art; at the Academy.
Also, as a bonus we will teach you how to lure the Fugitive from Justice you are seeking to come to you with a phone call using our pre-text wizardry. Calling a fugitive on his/her cell phone is generally the industry’s number #1 no-no.

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Criminal Profiling

Criminal behavior analysis combines the study of the psychology and motivations of violent criminals, with advanced studies of the criminal justice system. Emphasis is placed on research methods and clinical assessments.
You will participate in practicums and real field work experiences. Our program allows learners to conduct original research and to gain clinical expertise in forensic environments… read more


Bounty Hunters Academy

We ensure you learn the REAL business from real bounty hunters with proven records and true street experience. Our staff has literally walked the corridors and back alleys of our nation to apprehend fugitives from justice with a blend of poetic street justice, expanse of knowledge, skills, techniques, chicanery, street smarts, savvy and intellect.

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Thousands of satisfied clients

Testimonial by Antonio Berry,
BHTA is one of the most advanced training classes I have actually witnessed. Scott is a very excellent Instructor and will teach you everything you would like to know on becoming a Bounty Hunter. I am looking forward to the next level.
Antonio Berry,
Philadelphia, Pa
Testimonial by Carlos ArroyoBEA,
The training was fantastic. It was amazing to see other Bounty Hunters with many years of experience it seems making mistakes that could be easily corrected if they were just to take this two days’ course!
Carlos ArroyoBEA,
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