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Welcome to Bounty Hunter Training Academy

If you are in need of a career redirection, bounty hunting can be a lucrative, rewarding choice. Your daily life as a bounty hunter will never be boring or mundane. Your hard work is helping to create a better society by bringing Fugitives (FFJ) and predators off the streets.

In the field of bounty hunting, you cannot afford to sacrifice your safety with marginal training. You must have keen senses and be prepared to act at all times. Potential employers will seek out the most promising candidate that is confident and comes from a professionally trained background. In the field, fugitives from justice will sense inhibition. It is in your best interest to seek out the best training in the field. Gain the confidence you are obtaining the highest level of bounty hunter training when you study at Bounty Hunter Training Academy.

Bounty Hunter Training Academy is the only program catered especially toward training the best bounty hunters in the field. We provide you with the tactical training, as well as investigative mechanisms and intelligence gathering skills necessary to be a successful bail enforcement agent. We will teach you what you can and cannot do, to protect you from wrongdoing and lawsuits to keep you safe and free from liability. When you graduate from our training, you will have the proper training and potential to becoming a leading bounty hunter in the industry.

Our bounty hunter academy is not only for industry beginners. Seasoned veterans, law enforcement veterans and ex military personnel seek our expertise for refined skill training. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

Our field is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for a fun, challenging, rewarding career change that will keep you on your feet, check us out.

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Bounty Hunter Training Academy is the ONLY training Academy in the country where you can learn advanced tactical training as well as investigative and intelligence gathering skills that are simply unmatched in this industry.
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